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EFRON is a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company
Who we are
Efron is a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company that works across various industries including Banking, Insurance (...)
In 2007, a set of relevant managers from some the largest IT consultancies in Spain shared a fresh and different vision (...)
Efron's international vocation has taken the company to expand in Europe, North America & South America (...)
In order to offer the latest technologies and solutions, Efron has partnered with leading companies such as (...)
What we do
As consultants we are focused on identifying needs and offering solutions
  • IT Consulting
    As consultants we are focused on identifying needs and offering solutions. We listen to our customers and help them achieve IT excellence.
  • IT Staffing
    We provide our clients with staffing support and ramp-up expertise ranging from project specific or business specific IT staffing placements to permanent hire resources.
  • Fraud Detection
    Efron represents LYNX in the US. LYNX is an advanced multi-channel fraud detection solution that effectively detects fraud across different payment systems in real-time.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
    Our Center of Excellence (CoE) has been created in response to an increasing demand from our clients for Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Testing Services.
  • Banking

    Large multinational banks rely on Efron to provide the know-how and expertise to provide project management (PMO) needs assessments for technology rollouts as well as serving as reference and lead vendor for banking-industry specific systems.

  • Insurance

    From Software Quality Assurance to insurance-business process improvement, Efron specializes in advising some of the world’s largest insurance companies to create the habit of IT excellence.

  • Healthcare

    With more than 15 years of experience working hand in hand with health care providers in primary care, nursing care and specialty care, Efron has the know how and experience to serve and support IT healthcare.

  • Telecommunications

    Our tools and technologies enable us to manage performance and functional tests for applications developed in a large variety of mobile technologies. Our specialized and proprietary resources in network and database management are helping telecom operators around the world improve their systems and achieve IT excellence.

  • Utilities

    The utilities sector is currently undergoing a deep transformation. Efron has carefully studied the requirements and collaborated with big players, helping them with technological and organizational changes needed in the market.

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