A 3-month accelerator program based out of Boston

October 10, 2014

Dat Venture is a 3-month accelerator program designed to help Spanish entrepreneurs ideate, validate and develop within Boston's energetic startup ecosystem and Harvard University. The vision is to be the gateway for international startups to enter the United States via Boston, while generating an economic and cultural impact in their original countries.

Expanding into the US market is among the top priorities for Spanish startups to develop their businesses, raise capital and learn from a mature innovation ecosystem. However, they generally lack monetary resources, the know-how overseas or the framework to make the jump. Following lean startup methodologies, Dat Venture is on a mission to connect founders abroad with local Boston resources to build teams, validate ideas, engage with potential customers and network with investors. 

Application for the Spring '15 program opens October 15th.

Learn more at www.datventure.com

Dat Venture is being developed as part of Efron Group, a leading IT Consulting firm with headquarters in Madrid, Spain and presence in the UK, Germany, Mexico, Colombia and the US. Given Efron’s extensive business network in Spain and its expertise in the fields of recruiting and immigration services in the US, the two entities are aligned to accomplish goals and supercharge the innovation ecosystem in Spain, the US and beyond.