May 1, 2014

Efron Consulting, a global IT consultancy based out of Spain which competes against major players like IBM, Accenture or Atos Origin, has big international plans for the near future. The company is determined to keep up with its international expansion plan, which started a couple of years ago with the opening of branches in Mexico and the US, and more recently with the acquisition of a company in Colombia. 

"The company has been performing well during the last couple of years amid the financial crisis, however, a great part of the business still comes from Spain, where growth has been moderate", admits Mr. Israel, "Efron is in the middle of an international expansion plan to propell the company's revenues out of Spain, and more specifically in a very dynamic market which is the US".

Israel points out that Efron is studying the acquisition of a company in the US: "[...] we are considering the acquisition of a local firm, using the same formula we used in Colombia last year, where the owners of the company that was acquired became partners of Efron. The idea is that some part of the payment will be made in shares, and the rest in money".


Efron in the Americas...and beyond

As of today, Efron Consulting is present in two Latin American countries, and plans to sell technology and services from there to other markets in the area. In this line, Efron hopes that the Pacific Alliance - a common market conformed by Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru - will favour them: "We are in two of these countries - Mexico and Colombia - and we are sure this will have great importance in terms of our future business there", states Mr. Israel. 

With regards to Brazil, where many companies have invested, Israel indicates that "it is a very protectionist country and it is difficult to physically repatriate benefits, so we don't intend to be there for the moment".

Apart from the US and Latin America, Efron also considers moving towards Canada and Europe. In Europe, "Britain is the country that we like best; it depends on the partner we find", Mr. Israel points out, who explains that a consultant has been hired to look for partners there. "We are not in a rush, but we are interested", he declares.

Extracted from Cinco Días. Adapted and translated by Efron Group.