Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM is a version control system that will help you develop new features in parallel, go distributed, merge in time, and never break a build again


 If you're either building large scale software, are involved on a big project that is critical to your organization, are dealing with big files, are facing demanding merges, or all of them together; Plastic SCM is the version control system that can help you keeping things under control.


What can you do with Plastic SCM?

 1. Use task-branches to develop

- Create one branch for each new feature or bug fix. Checkin often, diff your own in-progress work, share, test...

- Merge even when you heavily moved files and directories.

- Visualize the repository history and track method history.

 2. Do continuous delivery

 - Work in branches, test and peer-review every branch before merging.

- Use release branches or ‘main’ to deliver.

- Plug any CI system you want.

 3. Go distributed

- Enable teams from different cities collaborate on the same project faster: one server on each side, no latency issues, no proxy-based fake DVCS.

- Let developers have their own repositories.

- Perform all the replication operations visually and preview the push and pulls.

- Seamlessly work with Git projects.

- Work in central mode without a local repo anytime you need it.

  4. Scale up to huge projects, big teams and large binaries

- Work with hundreds of developers on the same project.

- Develop projects with huge binaries and unmergeable content like game development and simulation.

- Enforce best practices with fine grained security.

- Store everything on robust and standard databases.