fraud detection

Our experience in Fraud Detection in Europe is one of our key offerings for banks and other financial institutions in the US


Our experience in Fraud Detection projects in Europe - where fraud is 3 to 4 times lower than in the US due to stricter rules, more standardized business practices and a highly developed technology in the field - is greatly appreciated by our US clients, who are saving millions of dollars on fraud every year.

As part of our consulting offer in Fraud Detection, at Efron we help banks and other financial institutions define strategies depending on their size and future perspectives, in order to better adapt to their needs. This not only permits us to deliver the best solution for every client as it is today (current level of maturity in Fraud Detection), but also establishes a path for its evolution in Fraud Detection solutions through time.


Our offer

From outsourced models where the costs are adapted to the number of transactions, to an impressive consolidated model where Fraud Detection takes place inside the core platform receiving multichannel inputs in order to manage the client as a whole, EFRON provides the solution that better adapts to every client. Our consulting services in Fraud Detection go from practices and methods in credit card shipping, to studies of best practices in the organization, process improvement, identity security, and comparison and evaluation of different tools.

As a key part of our offer, EFRON distributes in the US one of the most important platforms for Fraud Detection in real-time in Europe: LYNX.
As of today, Lynx runs in several banks and other financial institutions in the American continent, supporting more than 25 bn transactions/year. Some of its customers are VISA South America and Santander Bank.