Software quality assurance & testing

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) covers our clients' demand for Quality Assurance and Testing Services


Our long-lasting relationships with Fortune's Global 500 companies have provided us with the experience and know-how to identify and cover different types of needs in QA & Testing.

Our CoE puts together all this experience and knowledge in the same place, creating a unique team of more than 100 people, an open methodology, and a standardized offer. 

As in everything we do, we listen to our clients' needs and offer solutions that adapt to their level of maturity in processes, procedures and tools. At first, unless specifically requested, we do not require the adaptation to strict models that drastically change processes and methodologies. We are here to help, not to slow down the development process.

 OpenExcellence, our open methodology

OpenExcellence is an open and flexible methodology based on three concepts:

1. Adaptation to the client's needs and level of maturity in processes, procedures and tools.

2. Quality is not one more phase of the software life cycle; it is an independent process which takes place simultaneously with the development process.

3. On-shore / Off-Shore approach which permits a 24/7 service.


How it works: for every new client, EFRON identifies specific needs and client's maturiy in methods and tools, and customizes the service accordingly. The result is an ad-hoc model, completely optimized and adapted to the client’s needs. Our CoE team makes sure that standards, processes and procedures are appropriate for the project in question and are correctly implemented.


To do so, QA is divided  in four phases, matching the software's life cycle:

1. Quality in Documentation: we start by revising and preparing assets for quality assurance and tests.\

2. Quality configuration: environments, data, deployments.

3. Internal Quality of Code: we carry out static analyses of the code, units tests and code coverage.

4. Tests of Software: Smoke, Functional, Usability, Security, Performance, UAT and Regression tests are carried out, amongst others.

Moreover, as a global company with experts working in different time zones, we are able to offer a 24/7 service. Our On-Shore / Off-Shore approach provides agility and makes sure our clients' needs are fulfilled in a timely manner. Our methodology contemplates an on-shore/off-shore approach, where both front and back-end teams work simultaneously to ensure the client's needs are being correctly met:

- Front-end teams are close to the client, they manage the service and are the contact point with the client, sharing the same culture and language. They provide an extensive sector knowledge.

- Back-end teams are located Nearshore/Offshore and execute the service with a high degree of industrialization.